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Welcome to Adaptive Photonics Lab (APL)

Adaptive Photonics Laboratory (APL) combines electro-optic engineering, real-time signal and image processing, and system integration with ultrafast laser to focus on “Advanced Nonlinear Optical Microscopy” and “Three-dimensional Photolithography.” In regard to the advanced nonlinear optical microscopy, fast sectioning and super-resolution microscopy for thick tissue, and all-optical histology via multiphoton induced laser ablation are under developing. With respect to the three-dimensional (3D) photolithography, the design and fabrication of special 3D microstructures are developing and also for high-throughput microfabrication to match industry demand technology. Currently, the APL has cooperation and exchanges with the research groups in the Department of Physics at National Taiwan University, Institute of Molecular Medicine at National Cheng Kung University, Department of Biomedical Engineering at U. Wisconsin-Madison, and School of Applied and Engineering Physics at Cornell U.

If you are interested in joining or collaborating with the APL, please feel free to contact us.


適應性光子實驗室(Adaptive Photonics LaboratoryAPL)光電工程即時信號影像處理系統整合等核心技術,利用超快雷射從事「先進非線性光學顯微術」與「三維光微影製程技術」的前瞻研發。於非線性光學顯微術上,主要著重於具超高解析度之快速3D光學切片影像技術於厚的活體生物組織上以及藉由多光子誘發雷射蝕除之全光學組織技術;在3D光微影製程技術上,主要為特殊3D微米結構的製作以及因應產業需求之高通量微製作技術的開發。目前與台大物理系成大分醫所U. Wisconsin-Madison醫工系Cornell U.應用物理系研究團隊進行技術合作與交流。



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